What We Do

Bulk Aid Delivery:
Working with camp managers, other nonprofit organizations and various warehouses around Greece, we deliver critical aid almost daily. Camps will send us “needs” lists which we then work with warehouses to fill and drivers are sent to distribute. This means the aid housed in warehouses gets out quickly and efficiently to the people who need it most.

Past Response: Boots for Lesvos
In January of 2017, we learned of the urgent needs of strong, quality, footwear for refugees stranded on the island of Lesvos. Through our contacts on the ground in Greece and our incredible team of donors, we were able to purchase more than 250 pairs of boots for Camp Moria, delivered in late February.  Seeing a critical yet unmet need and acting fast – that is our mission.

Current Response: Ramadan Food Deliveries (June 2017)
At Allied Aid, we think a lot about nutrition, food choice, and dignity for refugees. During the month of Ramadan, many refugees fast between sunrise and sunset each day. We plan to support their nutrition by raising $500 for food deliveries by our Athens-based team to camps in need. Donations above our goal will go towards additional food deliveries.

Seasonal Aid Campaigns:
These campaigns are targeted drives focused on changing seasonal needs. For example, in the summer we may work on providing sun safety items like sunscreen and hats while in the winter we’ll collect and distribute gloves, wool hats, and coats. These campaigns are largely supported by in-kind donations and are designed to provide entire camps with enough items to distribute to every resident.

Sample Project: Give Warmth (Fall 2016)
Winter in Greece is cold, often freezing, which meant the 60,000 refugees currently stuck living there in tents were in dire need of coats, hats, gloves and clean, dry socks. The Give Warmth campaign successfully delivered thousands of hats, gloves, and pairs of socks for distribution at refugee camps in lesser-served Northern Greece.

Current Project: Bring.Buy.Build (Spring 2017)
This spring, we are focused on creating sustainable infrastructure in our partner camps.  The goal is to give refugees the opportunity to better care for themselves and support their families through access to fresh food and vegetables, and a place at which to cook it. These things can go a long way toward fostering a sense of community and normalcy..  We have partnered with a camp in northern Greece and will provide the funding and volunteers to create both a small community kitchen and several raised garden beds.  We will be supplementing this work with the donation of fresh foods to this camp and others, and continuing our aid delivery, focusing on much-needed underwear and contraception.

Field Trips:
Camp life is challenging and often monotonous. Our unique field trips offer small groups a brief reprieve and allow families and friends to enjoy time away from camp while exploring Greece.