Allied Aid is a 100% volunteer-run organization; our volunteers and partners are the “Allied” in “Allied Aid”. We’re currently seeking volunteers for the following positions; please email us at info@alliedaid.org :

Regional Coordinators

Regional coordinators manage volunteer and fundraising activities at the local or regional level, including but not limited to: building out the regional network, planning and hosting fundraising events, managing in-kind donation drives and other events to support Allied Aid projects.

Grant Writers

Grant writers are responsible for the research and preparation required for grant proposals. Responsibilities include: familiarizing one’s self with Allied Aid’s mission, programs, and budgetary needs; identifying potential funding sources in the form of grants and awards; managing the application process; documenting and reporting back on results.

Distribution Volunteers

Interested in traveling and working hard? Allied Aid is able to work with a select number of volunteers to travel on distribution teams in Greece. Responsibilities include: fundraising for trip costs, aid collection, and implementation of Allied Aid projects supporting refugees in Greece. Submit an application here: https://goo.gl/forms/299okV9vCl8mRdbw1.