Nov. 23 – Flexibility is key

Flexibility is key to how we as aid workers respond to this ever-changing crisis. Needs change almost daily so while our primary focus for this trip is winter distribution, we’ve tried to work in a few days to be flexible – help where we can, doing whatever we can.

For a few members of this week’s team, that meant remodeling a bathroom so the young girls at Oinofyta School have a safe and private toilet space. Previously, they had to walk all the way across camp and use a squat toilet. Now, there’s a playful space right at the school that’s also functional and so needed.

With the help of Oinofyta principal and resident Faiz Mohammad Khanzai, we also built out a teen center that will provide a private and fun space for the many teenagers living at camp.

These were all projects suggested and inspired by the camp residents. There is a sense of pride in these spaces and we are happy #AlliedAid was able to hear about a need and meet it. It’s what we do.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to these projects financially (specifically friends and family of Christa Schmidt Hobart, Laura ‘Halbauer’ Flandrick and Natalie Feulner.)

We were able to provide new furniture, equipment, yoga mats for the new dome where women’s yoga will start soon, hula hoops and jump ropes for the students and so much more because of you. — Natalie

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