Nov. 21 – A day at Elliniko

Today we worked. We work every day of course, but today was spent in the warehouse unloading, sorting and packing donations. Located at the site of the 2004 Olympic Games, the Elliniko Warehouse is a site to see. Donations have poured through its doors for over a year now from all over the world. But before it is distributed, the aid must be sorted and inventoried. It isn’t sexy work, it doesn’t make for great pictures, but it is incredibly important. Without efficiency and warehouse volunteers who willingly spend hours inside opening box after box, the aid within its walls wouldn’t be going anywhere. This is where our story as an organization began with a day in March spent unloading a container from Croatia, and the eventual the purchase of Hermie the distribution van. So it was heartwarming and rewarding to see less aid today than nine months ago because that means it’s going to the people who need it most. — Natalie

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