Nov. 18 – Team 2, Day 1

While waiting at my gate in San Francisco, I struck up a conversation with a Spanish man standing next to me in line. We chatted about where each of us was headed and what lie ahead. He back to Spain, me to Greece. I told him about the refugee crisis, the work we were doing and before we parted ways, he handed me $100 thanking me for giving him a way to help. I promised to put every dollar to good use. The interaction was a reminder about how this current crisis is being “solved.” Not by the the huge NGOs or governmental agencies, but by people, individuals from all over the world, who stand up and say “enough is enough, I want to help.” Not everyone can travel to Greece, but all of our donors and supporters are proof that everyone can do something. You all play an integral role in this organization whether you collect aid from friends and neighbors, travel with us on a distribution trip, or are strangers at an airport asking how you can help. Thank you all for joining hands with us this past year and saying “yes” to creating a more humane, loving world. — Natalie

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